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  1. Who do I contact with questions about this event?

    You can go to our Contact Page and enter your question there or just email us at

  2. Is this a religous event?

    No. While we are a Christian based club this event is meant to be a family friendly event off road event not a religious event. No one will approach you asking about your religious beliefs or explaining theirs. We do have a short devotion scheduled for Sunday morning for those that choose to participate but that is strictly up to the individual as to if they choose to attend or not. If you would like to initiate a conversation about our faith with a club member you are more than welcome to do so but we won't initiate the conversation. We welcome everyone to join us for some great wheeling and hope you leave having made new friends and great memories!

  3. Can I get more information about dinner on Saturday night?

    This is subject to change but currently we are planning to smoke 4-6 pork butts and use them for BBQ sandwitches. We also plan to provide the typical sides of potato salad and baked beans, drinks and some type of desert. You will receive one dinner ticket with your registration then depending on how much of the food we can get donated there may be a small charge for additional dinner tickets, just to cover our costs.