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Spare Parts

Generic Fixers:

  • Bailing Wire
  • Duct Tape
  • JB Weld
  • Super Glue
  • Electrical or silicon tape.
  • Stop-Leak
  • Various screws/bolts/nuts/springs/clips
  • Hose-clamps/o-rings/pipe-unions/pipe-T's
  • Radiator hose repair kit (unions of different sizes, hose-clamps)
  • Roll of that exhaust strap repair (long strip of bendable metal will holes every 1/2")
  • 3' of fuel tubing
  • 3' of vacuum line
  • 3' of ARB plastic air line
  • And yes, I need to get some GOOP!


  • Fuses... and make sure you have ones for your vehicle... I happen to recently look and see that mine uses some square "female plug" fuses that i wasn't carrying before. Lots of newer vehicles are using semi-custom fuses. Also there is often one large "mega fuse" somewhere coming off the alternator or protecting the entire fuse bus.
  • Relays... you can rig up anything if you have a couple of generic bosch relays, but most newer vehicles don't use them and have more than one different size and style, they are small so might as well carry the right ones that just plug in.
  • Decent size spool of 12 or 14 gauge wire
  • Little baggy of electrical connectors
  • Couple extra generic switches and potentiometers.


  • Sensors... they don't go bad very often, but several of the sensors on a modern engine will leave you completely stranded if they do go bad and there's pretty much no way to duct-tape your way around it.:
    • Crankshaft position sensor
    • Camshaft position sensor
    • MAP or MAF depending on your vehicle
    • Throttle position sensor
    • Coolant temp sensor (not absolutely necessary, but you will have to rig up your electric fan manually if this goes bad, and vehicle might not run optimal if it thinks it too cool, besides it's cheap and small so might as well carry one)
  • Idler pulley, thanks to George, before he told me I had no idea this was plastic and prone to destruction.
  • Serpentine belt
  • Starter & solenoid... maybe a little excesive, but i picked up a tested used one for decent price and on an automatic transmission vehicle you are pretty screwed if it dies
  • Fan... my only cooling fan is hydraulic, so I need to figure out a way to carry some sort of electric fan that could be rigged up in an emergency.


  • Pitman arm, also thanks to George for this idea
  • U-Joints (driveshaft and front axle sizes)
  • I don't always carry, but when really far from civilization or when hard rock-crawling:
    • Spare axle shafts
    • Spare unit bearing... i always thought these went out very slowly and no need to carry a spare because you'd know they where getting sloppy, but Scott's recently died seemingly overnight.


  • Dual battery system, or portable jump starter, or at least have some jumper cables
  • Fluids... these can add up in bulk and weight quickly, i usually only carry when far from civilization on an expedition or when by myself. It would be a great idea to split these up within a group so each person carried just one of them: Engine Oil, Gear Oil, ATF, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Coolant.